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In 2013, our family moved from Coralville, Iowa, to the rural area between Iowa City and Kalona, because we like the idea of a wild, organic life. Since that time, we’ve created a farm over 48 acres with organic chickens, a garden, and an orchard. Now I’ve added baked goods and other cooked products.


My mom, a doctor, was almost cultic about our family eating healthy food. My grandmother made delicious "fresh-cooked," healthy meals, and I now use her recipes to make culinary masterpieces.


My husband and I have four beautiful children, and from the moment our oldest daughter was born, I’ve tried to make food at home with organic ingredients, avoiding preservatives, genetically modified and artificial ingredients, and toxins that are in foods found in stores. Unfortunately, no store—even those that declare they sell natural products—is able to sell food that has 100% natural ingredients. That’s because they can't guarantee that a product will be sold within a few days, as required for truly natural food without preservatives.


So, in my family, we have gone back to the old practice of eating only fresh homemade foods. I always try to have homemade bread, yogurt, soft cheese, pasta, and pastries available to meet our nutritional needs.


In 2017, I decided to start promoting healthy living by making fresh homemade products like my grandmother did. I began my business selling organic fresh eggs and organic fruits and vegetables. Now I’m licensed to sell home-baked and cooked products based on my deep belief that only same-day or evening-before homemade foods can be Really Natural.


I would love to share the happy Green Life with you!



eating all fresh homemade natural
eating all fresh homemade natural