What Is Matsoni?

The name matsoni originated from the Armenian language and means “sour milk.” Armenia has a similar yogurt, called matsoon. There are a lot of arguments about the true homeland of matsoni, but almost every culture has something similar, so the debate is meaningless.


It is believed that matsoni emerged by chance, as is the case with any stroke of a genius. A woman poured fresh milk into a jug where the yogurt had been stored, and she left it in the hot sun. A few hours later, she discovered something slightly thick with a mild sour taste and a jelly-like consistency. It was sour in a pleasant way.


Matsoni is a cultured dairy product like traditional Greek and Bulgarian yogurts. But unlike them, it has a unique complement of beneficial bacteria (including lactobacillus delbruekii, streptococcus thermophilus, acetobacter orientalis, and other friendly microorganisms).



The uniqueness of matsoni’s composition explains its benefits. First, the fermentation process of the product is possible only because of a unique, beneficial lactic-acid bacteria. Matsoni is rich in calcium, protein, and many vitamins, such as A, K, and PP. Other nutrients include magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.


What Are the Benefits?

For a long time, matsoni was called the yogurt of youth. And there is a reason for that. Scientists have found that one of the leading causes of aging is the disruption of intestinal microflora. Pathogenic microorganisms begin to poison the tissues and cells of the body, leading to their damage and, consequently, to aging. The beneficial bacteria found in matsoni help normalize that microflora.


It was also proven that the immune system is benefited by these bacteria, most of which live in the intestines. If the balance (the ratio of pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms) is broken, a disruption in the immune system occurs, leading to poor health. Matsoni helps to solve this problem and to strengthen the immune system.


Calcium is absolutely necessary for our teeth, bones, and hair. Vitamin D, which is present in matsoni as well, enables proper calcium absorption. Thus, this product is essential for children and old people.


Matsoni helps to eliminate digestive problems because many enzymes in it stimulate intestinal peristalsis and normalize microflora. Have a glass of matsoni each day, and you will forget about constipation, flatulence, bloating, and digestive discomfort.


This fermented dairy product supports the cardiovascular system because it strengthens the heart muscle (thanks to the potassium in it) and vascular walls (thanks to the calcium). All these help to prevent the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis and heart attack.


The regular daily use of this product helps to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol.

Matsoni is a mild diuretic, so it helps to relieve the kidneys and get rid of any swelling.

It is also a cleanser of the liver.


After eating a cup of matsoni, your hunger and thirst are quenched, and at the same time you experience a burst of energy.


The protein in matsoni is the main building block of the body's cells. It is particularly crucial for muscle tissue.


Last but not least, matsoni is a great diet food. A cup of it provides slightly over just 60 calories, yet it is filling and satisfying. So if you want to lose weight, eat matsoni.



Eat a cup of matsoni daily at bedtime to help you sleep quietly,

to keep your nervous system healthy, and to prolong your youth!