Better Behavior Linked to Protein Snacks? One School Says So

Their Eggcellent Story:

Recently a school district in Iowa published the results of a year-long program called “The Protein Intervention” that substituted protein-based snacks for the carbohydrate-based snacks typically given to hungry students. The selection of protein snacks included hard-boiled eggs, string cheese and yogurt. District staff hypothesized that snacks high in protein and low in sugar content might help improve classroom behavior and thereby increase the students’ potential for academic success. Program results appear to support this premise.

The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach in Scott County worked closely with one school to test this hypothesis in an area of the district that typically serves high-risk students. For one year, the school nurse offered protein-based snacks to students in need and monitored behavioral reports throughout the remaining school day. The Protein Intervention yielded a surprising correlation between the snacks and behavior that could prove beneficial to educators across the country. The report links protein-based snack consumption with improved classroom behavior within an at-risk student population.

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